Saturday, November 21, 2015

Car that Runs on Water

          Since 1935, several people have made claims that they have invented a water-fueled car. The invention of such a thing is certainly appealing due to the many concerns people have about using gasoline powered cars. Those who made these claims usually explained the process of removing the hydrogen from water to create the energy that would fuel the car. Some collected money from investors to begin building models of these water powered cars, but the vehicles would never reach the market, leaving the companies and inventors charged with fraud. 
       These cars have received attention in the media repeatedly in the hopes that someone will be able to present a valid case for a car that will successfully run on water. However, the idea that water can effectively power a car is full of faults. In order to use the hydrogen in water to power a vehicle, energy would be lost. Critics state that a car that runs on water does not work with the second law of thermodynamics. As of today, claims of a water fulled car are purely shams. People are looking to gain fame or money by presenting a revolutionary idea such as this one.While water powered cars would be fascinating invention, they are a fantasy.

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