Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Arthritis Pain

Arthritis pain is something that many people believe to be true. I can say without a doubt that I have experienced it. "Arthritis is known as an inflammation of the joint which is also distinguished by swelling, warmth, and redness."However, I do not agree with the background logic concerning it. There is no medical study that shows weather affects the severity of the pain. Personally, my hands are always swollen and in pain, no matter what the weather, validating that the weather argument cannot be true. Many people hear things and agree with them, so hearing that weather causes pain to increase would correspond to them believing that is the source of their pain. Redelmeier and Tversky’s experiment proved that there was no pain correlating with weather, as there was a large gap between the two variables.  Arthritis is something that is still trying to find its way through the medical field. 
As of today there are things like arthritis gloves that people wear to bed, but there is no proof to actually state whether or not it helps.  People that have used these gloves claim that they help to restore mobility in the fingers, as well as ease the discomfort. The arthritis gloves work based on heat, yet many complain that was the original cause of the arthritis. This would mean that the gloves are not working, but merely tricking people into using them for their own profit. there is no medical basis for how these would work and are therefore, a scam. 


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