Monday, October 27, 2014

The Full Moon

         There's a belief that the full moon causes people to go mad, but is it really the cause of the moon. At work they always suspect something to happen during the week of the full moon each month, but I never understood why. The case is that the moon brings out something in people that causes them to be crazier. I did experience such an event at work during a week of the full moon. Where a customer just lost it and started to hallucinate, but ironically it was a day before the moon was to be full. My coworker says it usually happens anytime of the week, but I doubt the moon had cause the customer to lose her mind. 

        Research has been done to see what effects the moon does have on human minds and our body. The results lead to that some studies have mistakes during the study and others show little to no correlation of people going crazy because of the moon. The correlation of people during crazy things happens to correlate with holidays and the weekends. Even the moon's gravity pulls that affect the tides is not strong enough to affect human. Thus, the myth that the moon causes people to have abnormal behavior is very unlikely. 

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