Monday, October 13, 2014


When I first heard of the movie "Lucy," I was extremely elated, not only because the beautiful Scarlett Johannson would be starring in the film, but because of the concept behind the film.  I had no idea where they were going to go with the whole ten percent theory and was intrigued to find out.  After watching the movie, however, and watching the Mythbusters prove the theory wrong on television, I am sad to say that the theory is definitely far from truth.  The amount of abilities in which Scarlett gained by simply using "20 percent" of her brain was astounding and far from believable.  According to the movie, by around 20 percent, one can feel all of the feelings they have felt from the time they were born, including the feeling of being born (take that to be as graphic as you want to take it).  This, to me at least, stretches the imagination.  Maybe, if the brain even was represented as a whole, you could get away with this statement at say 60 percent, going deep into the memory, but 20 percent is a little much.

I said before that Discovery Channel's Mythbusters have tested this myth, and they have.  A link to their findings will be below if you want to read what they have to say about this whole 10 percent business.


  1. Can you even imagine if what happened in Lucy will happen in reality one day? It'd just be absurd. Everyone could solve their own problems and cure their own diseases. It'd be like a Ethiopia. Heh. The movie was great in terms of technological effects and elaborate theories of the brain and so forth. True, Lucy does really stretches the imagination.

  2. I wish this was a real thing! I would easily buy it without question. I would be like a super hero!!