Monday, October 27, 2014

Madden Curse

Madden by EA Sports is a football video game for the Xbox and Playstation. Each edition since 1999 features a player on the cover that had a great season the previous year. With great reward ultimately comes to a drastic downfall according to this curse. The curse is once a player appears on the cover of the game he either has a poor statistical year or gets injured. It started in 1999 with Garrison Hearst the first player to be on the cover of Madden. The 49er broken his ankle the next season shortly after being on the cover. The curse continued in the next Madden with Dorsey Levens, who preformed badly and lost his starting position.The streak continued for many years, while fans claiming they don't want their star player on the cover in fear of the curse. In fact 16 out of the 18 players including this year have been affected by the curse. The only players not affected were Calvin Johnson on the Detroit Lions that put out a record breaking season and Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks that is on the cover of this years issue. It is still in the season with a long time to take affect on Richard Sherman. Calvin was the only one fortunate to break the streak in 2013. Many thought the curse would end until Adrian Peterson suffered from injuries the next season after being on the cover. With Sherman on the cover of this years Madden all eyes are on him with all the previous injuries and statistical struggle. Will it be possible for him to add to Johnson to be the only two to break the curse? We will just have to see as the season carries on.

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