Monday, October 27, 2014

Palm Reader

Palmistry has been present since caveman era. Archaeologist have discovered many hand print made out of stone, wood and ivory. The discovery revealed the fascination ancient civilization had on the  details of the palm, it was believed that palm was the path of connection with god and also a healing tool. Palmistry was first used by Egyptians, Chaldeans and India, later it had spread to China, Tibet, Persia and other places in Asia and Europe. Palm reading was conducted by gypsies since 3000 BC. Alexander the great, had made decisions based on the reading of his sword, his sword makers were gypsies who were also fortune tellers. Palm reading was always praised until organized religion had bad mouthed it. However, palm reading is still popular amongst people. Psychic shops can be found everywhere, for example, in Atlantic City boardwalk, there are about one to two psychic shops in every block. People turn to palm readers to uncover their future, many find it comforting to know what will happen in the future. People are always seeking answers to question like what they are meant to do in their life? Who will be their significant other and when? This curiosity led them to believe palm readers.
 One day at work I was helping out a client, who was a palm reader. When she stepped to the register, she started making statements about my manager who was scanning her clothes she was purchasing. My manager stopped and all of his attention drifted towards her as soon as she had mentioned about a relationship in Florida. She had said that he had a relationship in Florida, but he had told her that he had never been to Florida. After that statement, she immediately changed it and mentioned he will get a better job in February. When he heard that he started believing everything that she had said about him through palm reading. He was in love with the idea of getting a better job, so he wanted to believe her. He had given her that money, so she would be more detailed about the reading. In the middle of the reading she had held his hand and passed him a rock, which would give him positive energy and wanted to charge him $50 for the rock. Of course he denied, since he will not give her money for the rock, she wanted him to help them steal from the store and pay for the rock, but he refused and asked them to leave the store. When this was all happening, my main focus was strictly on the behavior of the psychic, who seemed very aggressive. She had a very dominant attitude, which affected the confidence of my manager. This dominant trait is what allows them to convince people that palm readers are special. They specialize in scamming people by attacking their emotion.

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  1. I love how Palm Readers would advertise that a palm reading would only be $5, ONLY $5. The trick is between the fine lines. It starts off at $5 then while they've caught your emotions, there are add-on services. This process all results in $50+. It really is a scam just to hear negativity or bluffs.