Monday, October 27, 2014

Long fingered Alien Friends?

          Recently I have read an article that says that a scientist on his death bed claims that he knows what really goes on at Area 51.  Area 51 is said to have secrets of aliens and other incredible things that the general public don't know about.  Dr. Boyd Bushman claims to have been apart of it and has reversed engineers the UFOs that have come into defense firm Lockheed Martin.  In a video that Dr. Boyd has made he confesses everything about these extraterrestrials.  He claims that there are two different kinds of aliens.  There are the friendly and then the one ones that supposedly steal.  These aliens apparently have long fingers and are friendly to us humans.  The doctor also says that he has picture evidence that he shows in his video.
       Although the idea of aliens is a very interesting and remarkable idea, the questions still stands are they really real?  If you think about it there are many variables that come along with these claims.  For example, this doctor is making all these claims and yet we don't see any data or published studies about it.  Also, does he show his credentials that he truly is capable of being an engineer to be able to work with these UFOs.  Another thing could be that this is an older man.  He could also have just dreamt this up and made himself believe that this is all true.  It really is a very interesting idea but can it truly be real?

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