Monday, October 20, 2014

Music... Help or no Help?

Who doesn't like to listen to music? Does it help performance? Does it hinder performance?

Personally I listen to music while doing any and everything! I don't feel that it affects me in any negative ways other than focusing. When I am in tune with the song it is hard to focus on the task at hand. But, in contrast to that, specifically while I am working out I feel that it gives me a good cadence when I am doing cardio. And, depending on the song it gives me a boost of motivation and drive to push harder.

From the searching and research I have done my personal findings are valid. According to "Psychology Today .com" Doing complex tasks while listening to music makes it harder to focus on that task at hand. Although some aspects I didn't think of; It boosts creativity and helps during doing monotonous or repetitive tasks. (Autopilot) In retrospect to that It makes it more difficult to perform tasks that require reading or writing.

In conclusion, as I said before music does help boost your mood. Some research I found explains that music helps the release of dopamine in the brain which boosts your mood. So keep up the music when doing everything else. But maybe when it comes time to do homework or study its better to turn it down. :'(


  1. Whenever I'm studying and listening to music, I can't focus as well. Personally I love music, so when I listen I focus on the music more. Music can help when we do things like walking or working out, but when it comes to listening to music and focusing on work, it could be a detriment.

  2. I often listen to old Disney songs and fiction audiobooks while I get homework or housework done to concentrate and get it done faster. I'm one of those people who finds background noise helpful to get my own tasks done. Good article(and interesting "crocodile"-loop song thing)!