Friday, March 23, 2012

Vastu Shastra aka Feng Shui

Information – Vastu Shastra and feng shui is the belief that the arrangements of object and furniture in a building or home can bring positive or negative energies to the people occupying the space.  This arrangement can only be done with astrology and numerology. Placing objects and furniture in the “right” places allows the human being to be in harmony with nature. 
Purpose – Those who follow the rules of vastu shastra and feng shui do so to have positive energy, in the hope that the positive energy will make them successful in life as well as keep them away from harm or bad luck of any sort. It is also done to eliminate problems from the person life as well as making them feel better. The goal mainly is to “achieve a balance” among all aspects of a person’s life.

Consequences - Possible problems with this believing this idea is that people depend on this idea to uplift their spirits or solve problems rather than actually tackling the actual issue the person may have. The other problem is that if the person follows through with rearranging or even remodeling their environment it can end up being quite costly.

My point of view – I personally do not think the arrangement of objects has any effect on any type of energy nor can it bring wealth, health, and prosperity. The space should be arranged according to the person occupying the space.  

-sonya shah


  1. I like this post a lot. Feng Shui sounds like a fun concept, but I feel it is best if people just arrange their furniture and color their walls according to their personal tastes and what makes them feel good, not what some ancient superstition dictates. And, I completely agree with you that Feng Shui can serve as a waste of time, energy and money, when people should just eliminate problems that are interfering with their inner well-being, such as clutter, personal problems, and doing what they feel is right.

  2. I think Feng Shui can help a person if they really believe in it. By being in a room that you feel good in, you improve your mood and attitude towards tasks that have to be accomplished. I don't think rearranging furniture necessarily solves all of a person's problems and that this is the only reasoning behind their life improvement, but I think it can be a helpful tool to living positively.