Monday, March 26, 2012

Shangai Tunnels

Let’s start with some information.  The Shanghai Tunnels in Portland, Oregon are said to be one of the most haunted places in America.  The tunnels originally began as an area for bars, and restaurants to contain their supplies for convenient access.  Eventually people began using these tunnels for other activities, and that is how they became the Shanghai Tunnels.
Shanghaiing was an illegal practice where men would be kidnapped and sold as slaves to captains of boats to work on the boats.  There were many women who had also been forced into prostitution, and would get the men into the tunnels.  The men would be drugged, and pulled through a trap door in the establishment, tortured and sent to be sold.  Other men that would be sold were men looking to score with the women, and once in the bed, they would be tied and gagged and sometimes even left there to die. 
Many implications during this time, was that Shanghaiing was NOT considered illegal.  Nearly two thousand people lost their lives while this practice was popular.  The women who were forced into prostitution, if they became pregnant they would also be murdered.  Essentially, no one was safe from the men and the women of the Shanghai Tunnels, and because of that this area has unusual phenomenon, spirits still lingering and much more paranormal activity. 
Some theories in the tunnels include many stories of ghosts and spirits.  One main story is of a woman named Nina. Nina haunts the area that is just below the “Old Town Pizza".  Locals state that this particular woman was once a known prostitute in the area and was sedated by drugs and then thrown down the area of the shaft of the elevator.  It is believed that the fall resulted in her death.  Many claim that they are able to smell her perfume, and that she is known to tug on the clothing of individuals who pass through the Shanghai Tunnels. Many have even claimed to have seen the apparition of Nina.
In order to come to some conclusions travelers are now able to take tours of the Shanghai Tunnels.  You would be able to see a “deadfall” trapdoor, holding cells, beds, and more.  Some of the restaurants are still open to the public as well, right above where many people lost their lives.

-Jenny Robertson

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  1. The Shangai Tunnels seem very interesting but I don't think it's haunted just simply because of the way it has been "proven" to be haunted. Awesome post!