Thursday, March 22, 2012


In light of the book my group chose, I decided to do a little more research on superstitions and how current they still are. I found an article published on a college website about a women's softball team and the superstitious practices they partake in before and during their games. ( The superstitions range from jewelry and nail polish, to writing in the sand and elaborate routines during the game. There are many things to evaluate about these types of practices.
What is the purpose of these superstitions? Do the girls really think they work, or has it just become such routine they aren't sure how to complete a game without them. And what do these women feel will happen if they do no wear earrings, or tape on their wrist? Will it be a loss, of worse? If they are assuming they work, to what extent will they go to make sure they will win?
Sometimes practices like these can lead to consequences. It has been proven that these practices have no effect on the outcome of the event they are meant to influence, in this case the games. These routines and practices have to possibility of taking the focus and time away from the real event that has the importance.
Lastly, practices like these can keep others from taking you seriously. Your point of view may seem practical, but to others these routines may seem relentless and even childish.

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