Sunday, March 25, 2012

Esso Watches (Blog post 3)

As you can see there are many different colors to pick your Esso Watch from. My purpose is to investigate the claims made by the producers of this Esso bracelet. Assumptions being made by people who buy this bracelet are that first of all that it works, and that it will help them lead healthier and more active lives. The producers of this bracelet claim that it will help with balance, concentration, coordination, and even fatigue. Some important information that must be assessed is most importantly, what makes this product work? This bracelet claims to use negation ions in order to balance out the positive protons that are shoved into our lives throughout our day. These positive ions throw us off because now we have pressure against our blood flow, and this is why we must have more negative ions. We’re in luck because the Esso watches happen to be made from negative ions made from silicone! This will actually release the pressure that’s on our blood flow and help us to concentrate, balance, and coordinate.
                My point of view is that this product definitely doesn’t work. Your body obviously has its own mechanism for balancing out all this excess of “positive protons” or I’m sure the “pressure building on our blood flow” would have some pretty serious effects. I personally don’t believe any of this positive proton bologna, but people who aren’t wearing these bracelets seem to be dealing with their positive protons pretty well if it is true. There are other cool videos on the website (I’ll post below) that demonstrate some balance tests of before and after people wearing these bracelets. I’m going to post the video that explains all the other cool claims they make.


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  1. This looks like a new and improved version of the Qray bracelet except with less claims but more realistic claims. I also find it funny how once again the benefit of the bracelet is that it balances out the body. BULL! I agree with you, I believe our body has our own mechanism for fixing such a imbalance (if there even is such an imbalance of this kind), I mean the term "Homeostasis" wasn't made just for the heck of it!

    -Sonya shah