Sunday, March 25, 2012

Past Lives

Have you ever wondered if you ever had past lives? How about what it was like back in the 1700s or during WW1? What if you were an Indian walking on the Trail of Tears or an Irishman going through the Potato Famish? My point of view is that I personally believe in past lives and reincarnation and have always wondered what and who I was before I was born in 1991. I thought maybe I was an Indian learning pottery and cooking dinner for the tribe or maybe I was commoner in England. Maybe I experienced the Black Death or was one of the Pharaohs servants. The question at issue is do people have past lives or do they just wish that they were in a specific time period so that they could experience what those people experienced?

Some facts are that certain religions believe in past lives or reincarnation. The religions are mainly Hinduism and Buddhism. Although Christianity, Islam and Judaism do not believe in it, individuals in that sect may believe in it. Reincarnation is a Latin word meaning "entering the flesh again". There are different meanings for the type of reincarnation depending on the certain religion a person practices. Reincarnation goes back to the Iron Age (1200 BCE) where it was mentioned.

There are researchers who try and find scientific facts and proof that someone has indeed had past lives. There is a method called Past Life Regression which is a technique that uses hypnosis to recall the memories of a patient. Many people believe this technique to be fantasies of the person or delusions. During this session, the patient would be asked several questions that would bring the past life to the surface and events that happened during that lifetime.

Children are very perceptible to past lives. Many children will tell people who they were and what they experienced in there past lives. An example of a child having these memories was from a kid named James Leininger who from the ages of 2 through 6, he would recall memories of a WWII fighter pilot who got shot down while flying during the war. He knew details about the plane and the fighter pilot, James Huston Jr. James is now 8 years old and doesn't have those memories anymore. His parents didn't believe in reincarnation but now they are true believers after their son experienced the memories.

My inferences and conclusion is that even though I don't know if the past life regression test works or not, I still believe in past lives. I think everyone has a past life and maybe even more. I'm not religious so it has nothing to do with my religion but more so my beliefs. I would love to find out what my past life was and the stories of the children recalling the memories of their past lives assures me that we all have them because I would believe a kid more then if an adult were to say it.


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  2. Wow I thought this post was very interesting. Questioned by very own beliefs to be honest especially after seeing the suggested video! The story of the boy is very mind boggling, I was hoping the scientist claiming that James past life story was false was going to some how disprove the evidence. Sadly the scientist didn't say a word about the evidence provided by James father Bruce.

    -sonya shah

  3. Great post. Makes you think, you never know what is possible.