Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Theory of Time Travel

Time travel falls under the unique dual-classification of both a science and a pseudoscience. The reason it can be categorized as both is simple, it has yet to be proven possible or impossible. Most folks have a general understanding of what time travel is due to its popularity spanning decades of pop culture. However, grasping the theories behind time travel proves to be difficult or even impossible for the greater part of the human population.

Time travel is essentially moving through the stream of time and space in an attempt to arrive at a point in the past or future without being affected by normal aging. I happen to find that particular definition of time travel to be bland, but what I find fascinating is the multiple theories which support the possibilities within that definition.

According to those closest to the subject, being able to travel to the future is far more probable than being able to travel into the past. A big part of this reasoning is simple, the past has already happened. To further elaborate on this point, what if one were to travel into the past and change history? Logic would tell us it would alter present time. Until knowledge on the subject becomes more concrete, we will just have to rely on our imaginations for what effect time travel would have on our world.


  1. I found this post interesting. I am interested in the idea of time travel and what it said about how traveling to the past my alter the present has always been a fear of mine if time travel were ever possible to do.

  2. I took an astronomy class my senior year of high school and we briefly discussed time travel. I don't remember the details or much of what we talked about but I remember us figuring out that traveling to the future is possible because time increases the further out into space one goes. I honestly can't remember the important details to make that accurate but I found it interesting that people have looked into this for decades and there still is no way of doing it.