Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Meet Dopel: An out of body experience

Mediation can be traced back for thousands of years, healing the mind and body. I do not deny that for some mediating can be a relaxing, stress relieving experience. However, some claim an out of body experience while under deep mediation. This subject was first brought to my attention when a close friend of mine told me about Doppel. Doppel is the man that appears to my friend while he is under a very deep state of mediation. Although this is not a complete out of body experience, my friend is breaking away from at least a part of him. Ever since I have been fascinated as to if this could actually happen or if it was simply his over active imagination getting the better of him.

Normal mediation is said to help relieve insomnia along with lowering blood pressure. It is broken down into two different types, concentrative and mindfulness. Concentrative focuses on breathing and pushing all thoughts out of one's head. Mindfulness is the exact opposite. Here a person lets any thought pass through there head without resistance. What about out of body experiences during mediation? This experience seems to be different depending on the person. Some claim they could float around their house and even move objects while in this state. Others say they saw a bright white light and felt peaceful. Fanatics even use OBE to create cults like Heaven Gate. My friend met his doppelganger. Truth is this type of thinking has been around for thousands of years so it is very difficult for people to accept anything else.

Science proves that it is possible to create new, false memories. These experiences even if they seem so real are in fact simply the brain being deceived. It is impossible to think, feel, or reason without the physical brain. Still others claim that there is a separation between the soul and the physical life. However, is it possible to disconnect oneself so far from reality that they in fact can have a full on conversation with another side of him or her? Or is this extension of his self or herself the doing of a mental illness? Ponder the thought and then ask yourself this...

Is Doppel real?

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