Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cow Tipping

A few months ago some friends and I were enjoying a peaceful night relaxing and just shooting the breeze. My one friend Sam was telling us tales of his years growing up in North Carolina and some of the things he and friends would do for fun. He lived in a rural area where there was a good amount of farms and he didn't have a lot of money. As Sam was talking about life in North Carolina, our friend Justin, who had put a lot of thought into the question he was about to ask, spoke up. "Uh, hey Sam," he said to get Sam's attention mid-story. As the room grew silent and all eyes were on him, Justin posed his question. "Umm, stop me here if this is stupid, but, uhh, did you and your friends ever go cow tipping down there?" Sam immediately went into full laugh mode. "I don't think that is actually possible, buddy. Sorry," Sam replied still chuckling a bit.

That is where the debate of the night began. Of the six people in the room, the sides were evenly split, three people each, as to who actually thought cow tipping was a myth and who thought cow tipping was in fact possible. Being the open minded individual that I am, I thought anything was possible, especially cow tipping. My belief was that with enough man power and strategic planning it would not be impossible for a group of individuals to sneak up on a cow at night and force it to tip over. Cows are very heavy animals, but no animal is so stable that it does not have the chance of being pushed over. It was a heated debate full of good reasoning and laughs, but in the end nobody would budge and we decided we would all have to agree to disagree.

Having recently looked into it more, I still believe that it is possible and could potentially happen. The only difference now is that I think the chances of it happening are not nearly as great as I had originally thought.. According to my web source, cows are built very low to the ground and have a low center of gravity. Also, even though cows have a reputation of being very slow, they are actually very aware of their surroundings and quite smart. To sneak up on a cow, especially at night, would be a difficult task all in its own. Adding to the level of difficulty here is the fact that cows do not sleep standing up, which is something I believed to be true most of my life.

Here is a video explaining more about the myth of cow tipping:

So what do you think? Is cow tipping possible? Or is it just a myth?


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