Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Evil Hours

Ever since I was young I would always get paranoid when I woke up during the early hours of the morning. I would dread waking up specifically from midnight through 3 A.M. I always thought I would wake up to a ghost standing over my bed or to my TV turning on by itself. I decided to find out where this topic came about. These evil hours have been referred to as early as Shakespeare, where he mentions ghosts and other supernatural phenomena taking place around midnight. It is also said that 3 A.M. is the devils hour, as Jesus was said to be crucified around 3 P.M. Hospital workers also claim this is the time that most deaths occur in their facilities. Numerous horror movies feature this time and are said to be based on 'real' events. This is the time the spirits are supposed to be the most active.
One reason 3 A.M. might be such an infamous time is because it is sometimes associated with REM sleep. The brain begins to process events somewhat differently during this time which can lead to a sensation of something odd taking place. During this stage of sleep, Sleep Paralysis can occur. Auditory hallucinations are apparent during this time and noises such as knocking, laughing, scratching, and footsteps may appear. It's easy to see how this brain activity can make us jump to the conclusion that a demon is right outside our door.


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  1. This is really interesting. It has happened to me before, and its really good to see that there is a reason why.