Saturday, March 13, 2010

Subliminal Messages--Taken too far!

When Dr. Berg had a lecture about subliminal messages, it caught my interest right away. There have been Disney movies, commericals,cartoons, and songs that have been accused of hiding subliminal messaging. Every once in awhile I hear hype about these types of messages and I have to say that some messages are pretty obvious. In class we learned about the first type of subliminal messaging used. it was done in movies and Coke was the product that was trying to be advertised to people without their knowledge. It turns out that the research claim that subliminal messaging does not work...but does it ?

When I typed the words "subliminal messages" into Youtube, tons and tons of videos from disney movies and new clips came up. I have heard and seen type of subliminal messages in clips of Disney movies. Sexual refereneces can be inferred when watching a clip and some are quite obvious to the human eye.I would hope that in Disney movies that they arent trying to send sexual messages to young children, but then again who knows for sure? It makes parents second guess their idea of sitting their young child down in front of a Disney movie, because what are their young eyes and subconscious minds learning? Studies have disproven this subiminal message idea when some are too obvious to miss. Music from many genres have been accused of sending out sexual messages and satanic messages to the public masses. Satanic messages have always been suggested when it comes to rock and roll music but how much can we really believe. The video clip about the subiminal messages in music took me about the third viewing to really hear what it was "supposedly" saying.

Subliminal message is said to be communicated to the conscious level. There are legal issues that are always an issue when it comes to these types of messages but in all reality the messages that are exposed to people are not going to have a massive affect on someone's behavior. However are the sexual messages dangerous inappropriate? Do the messages every seep through to someones unconscious? I personally have not encountered someone who claimed subliminal messaging told them to do something. However, there has been claims from Charles Masonsaid that the song "Helter Skeltor" told him to kill. Was he influence by the subliminal messages of the song or was he simply psychotic? There are definitely subliminal messages out there but are they as extreme as some people want to believe?

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  1. Hi Mallory!
    I thought your picture was a great extra in your post. It sums up everything. From the movie we saw when those guys were supposed to create a new logo,I think it was and they made the picture with all of the clues along there ride was intereting too. It funny how you can have the answer to something by seeing it earlier and not knowing it.