Sunday, March 21, 2010

No no....its fine, I love the overpowering smell of brown sugar melon spice rain.

If your like me, you have probably noticed that whenever you walk through any local mall there's always a small area that offends the male nostrils. This is because of certain stores near by such as bath and body works, or a scented candle shop, or Macys. These stores sell products infused with essential oils, or fragrances and body mists that reek to high hell, well at least to me. So im thinking to my self why the hell would anyone want something like this in there home? As we have went over in class, these products with essential oils have been represented for ages to have "healing" properties, but as we all know this is not the case. they call it "aroma therapy" and its claims stretch from being able to help you sleep better, to helping you lose weight, to helping you open higher energy channels...whatever the hell that means (Claims). I think any educated self respecting human being realizes that cucumber melon will not help you forget an abusive child hood, or pumpkin spice will not help heal your lungs after 26 years of a 3 pack-a-day Newport habit. Dont get me wrong these smelly devices have there freshening the bathroom, or hiding the smell of old Chinese food, or as a distraction to your girlfriend so you can play Halo with your buddies and not get yelled at......

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