Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Q Ray and Its Mystical Healing

For years we have seen TV commercials for the Q Ray bracelet. It claims that it can help relieve all different types of problems. The Q Ray is said to be made out of an ionized metal that is constructed based on principals that are over two thousand years old. It uses the ions in the metal to to create balance with your alpha and beta waves.

Some of the supporting claims of the Q Ray are that it mostly relieves pain, improves your performance, restores energy and is good for muscle flexibility. It says that much of this right on their website. Some consumer claims about the Q Ray are that it looks good, creates a sense of well being and that it changes their lives. Some other claims that are based on scientific research are that it does nothing at all, except make money mystically disappear.

The bracelet has been proven by scientists to not be ionized at all and many say that it is simply a waste of money. I know of a family member who actually bought a Q Ray and said it did nothing to improve their life. They wore it faithfully everyday for years and it had no healing powers at all for them, maybe they just got a broken one. Or maybe they just fell into a trap that thousands of people have fallen into, that their is some magical device that will make all of your problems go away.

The Q Ray bracelet is not something that anyone should invest their hard earned money in. Science has proven that does not work and it really is not all that fashionable either.


  1. Hi Ashley!
    For many years people in my family bought the QRay bracelets. They truly believed it worked. I just think it's funny now, to see that these things are junk and they were a waste of money to buy. I am surely glad I didn't buy them back in the day!! Did you know anyone who had one?

  2. I can't believe people would actually believe a bracelet would relieve them from pain and give them energy. What a waste of money!!

  3. I have actually seen one of my friend wearing a braclet with similar effects as the Q ray. I was surprised to learn that my friend was given this braclet from their father and they truly believed that the Ions really relieved pain. When I finally asking them what they were wearing they did admit that they believed the braclet to have special powers that would cure/relieve ailments. Is it true? In my opinion, its a bunch of BS and people will believe in anything they want to believe it, and if they believe in it enough it can cause significant results...psychosomatic! Qray was a company received alot of money for something that relied on a person's false beliefs as 'true ionic power cures'. Even with science saying this is a sham...people still buy them. Some people never learn!