Thursday, March 25, 2010

Im making you read this with the power of my mind

We all hear about those people who can move objects across a table, or people who can bend spoons and even those who can read your mind and persuade others, but how true is all of that. Do you really believe people can manipulate the world around them?

Well the first question you need to ask if you’re a believer is why nothing more dramatic and amazing done with that ability other than some simple re-arranging of nick knacks and metalwork? We have been in existence for thousands of years and only in the last hundred or so have we done this so why only this far?

The problem here is that around that time people have tried more and more grand ideas to amuse the human mind and in other words try to make money off your own stupidity or amusement. In more recent times we had people such as James Hydrick who could apparently move objects with his mind and performed amazing feats with his mind. Following his amazing abilities he created what some would say was a cult in which he would take all your money and make you believe you’re smarter with your mind. Unfortunately he was finally debunked, then admitted its false on television, and is now currently a convicted sex offender in the state of California....go figure.

The ability to manipulate the world around you may exist at some point in time but what people currently believe is all a hoax and just a few pallor tricks used to amuse the simple minded folk who want to juts believe that something more grand is right in front of them. In all reality it may be something more interesting to watch and laugh about, but there are some out there that take the idea and trick way too far and beyond a simple trick. All this ever does is put money in the pockets of those performers who are in control of the show and that amazement. So in a way those magicians may in fact be controlling the minds of some people!

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