Monday, March 22, 2010

Stress relief body wash?

So I was taking a shower in my apartment when I notice that there is a bottle of stress relief body wash sitting in there. I was curious how it worked so I looked at the bottle only to find out that the main ingredient was lavender. I found this very entertaining as we talked about this in class and it was actually proven in a study that distilled water was just ass effective if not more for relaxation purposes.
When I got out of the shower I said something to my roommates and friends only to find out that one of them used lavender spray on her bed at night to reduced stress and another said they're mom used some sort of lavender spray and it helped them feel more relaxed. Knowing what we talked about in class I let them all know that they were chumps and that it wasn't actually affective. Looks like the placebo effect has more control over people then I thought. Who knew so many people could believe something without scientific evidence behind it or even looking to see if it was actually effective.

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