Friday, May 1, 2020

UFO abductions

Extraterrestial life is something everyone in the world would like to know is true or not. Then there are the people who have been abducted by a UFO. The people who recall an UFO abduction are just have a confusion about past events and how they played out. Most of the time there is little to no accuracy on what they are saying. People construct these crazy past life fantasies getting away from what they have at the moment. A real past life event sometimes has an affect on the UFO fantasy abduction.

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  1. Hello Jason,

    I have always pondered about extraterrestrial life. Some people believe UFO abductions are real and some do not. As for myself, I have never seen any solid evidence on extraterrestrial life in my lifetime, but there is always a possibility that extraterrestrial life exists in our vast universe. I love how you explained exactly how people view UFO abductions. Great post!