Friday, May 1, 2020

Post #2 (Psychic Crime Detectives)

The Disappearance of Charles Capel case was a man who lived in Oxford, Ohio, who had wandered off in May 2014. He was a Retired Miami University Professor who had Alzheimer’s. Extensive searches were made by police and volunteers, while Charles Capel had been missing for months. In October, the police force had hired a woman named Noreen Renier, a self-proclaimed psychic detective who advertised a new technique for obtaining clues for unsolved crime. She has also written a book called “A Mind For Murder”. Noreen has worked on over 600 unsolved cases in 38 states and 6 foreign countries. When traditional methods had been exhausted for investigations, that's when Noreen was called in to take care of the case. Police sent Noreen things of Capels that had been found including toothbrushes and shoes. While in Virginia, Renier had seen visions of where Capel had been. Noreen had predicted Capel was approximately 8 miles from his home, a wooded area, creek, fence, and antenna tower. Sargent Jim Squance stated that the vision Noreen saw was accurate. Many Psychic Crime Detectives get lots of credit for helping with locations, appear amazingly accurate, and tend to fill in missing details. Capel was found less than a mile of his home, near a Stone Creek subdivision nearby. Capel was found two months later by a hunter. 

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