Friday, May 1, 2020

Discussion Post #3 ~ Learning Styles

On the first day of school, my teachers would hand out a worksheet with some questions asking about
our preferred learning styles. The athletic students were generally kinesthetic learners, the musical
students were generally auditory learners, and artsy students were generally visual learners. I usually
fell into the kinesthetic-auditory category. I was surprised to learn that identifying and matching a child to
their learning style has not been found to be effective and that after specific training on the subject, most
teachers abandon their practices after one year. We were shown different methods of studying in school
to cater to our supposed learning style, only to learn that they do not matter and we will learn no matter
what style the instructor uses. While I can see the validity in this statement, my only question is: how do
the studies mentioned in the lecture pertain to students who have either physical, mental, or learning
disabilities such as an auditory impairment, autism, or dyslexia? Surely the student’s learning style
differs from other students, but do they fall into the three learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic), or
do they have their own category? Attached is a link to a teaching guide for diverse populations. The guide
seems to use the original three learning styles and modify them for each diverse group. It would be
interesting to see more studies conducted with special populations as the focus. 

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