Friday, May 1, 2020

Post 1- Graphology

Graphology is the process of using handwriting to determine personality and character by looking at things like letter size, the pressure put onto a paper, word and letter spacing, and slanted writing. For example, there are ways to look at word and letter spacing by seeing if it is wide or crowded. If the spacing is wide, it could be determined that the person who wrote it is isolated or lonely. If the words are crowded together, it could mean that someone is desperate for someone to spend time with. Also, by looking at letter size, people can determine traits about someone's personality. If the letter size is bigger, it could mean that the person is a big thinker or they are confident. One of the most popular forms of graphology uses letter strokes to determine personality traits. some of the basic ones include seeing if letters are even, uneven, angular, or rounded. Some more advanced ways include looking to see if the letters are cramped, unconnected, or have an unequal height. Many personnel decisions are even made using graphology all over the world.

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