Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Learning Styles

Post 2:

There are three types of learning styles visual, kinesthetic and Auditory learning. When it comes to hands on learning I believe that it comes best to me. Being able to feel everything and the way it works seems easier. For example, I own my own business and everything is basically hands on but I could watch how to put a fence in but still not understand the real concept. The way to really feel and learn is to go out and experience it hands on. Your brain will learn what to do and what not to when it comes to learning.
That doesn’t always go for everyone though I believe that a lot of people especially students learn better with Auditory learning and actually watching how it’s done. In the classroom when the professor lectures maybe they get a better grasp on the way that they learn the certain material. For visual learners, basically explained in football where you have to study the playbook some of the players have trouble studying them because they can’t remember what they saw. I want to get some comments below on what kind of learner you guys are.

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