Sunday, August 6, 2017

Out of Body Experience

People have long been fascinated with the idea of having an out of body experience. Is it just a myth? Just the mind playing tricks on us? Studies have been conducted on a Canadian woman who claims she can leave her body at will. Scientists believe that the left side of the brain, which is associated with kinaesthetic imagery, is responsible for this "out of body experience".

According to Daily Mail, for this particular case a Canadian woman claimed that she could float and leave her body right before she fell asleep. However, when she did this she has no emotions whatsoever during this experience. Scientists believe she must go into a state of shock, which apparently often accompany out of body experiences.

Some people say that if you practice this ability from childhood, you can basically perform it whenever you want, but the ability is lost in adulthood if you haven't practiced before. I think that this "experience" is cause to over activity of the brain in the visual and kinasethetic areas of the brain, which makes you think you feel yourself moving and see your own body or other images.


  1. I find this post so fascinating. The thought of being able to leave your body at will is crazy! I find it interesting if you start this habit in your childhood that it is possible to perform this whenever you want. I am not completely sure if I totally believe this idea, but I believe there is some truth involved in this theory.

  2. I cannot imagine what it must be like to leave your body, and even more so to do so at your own will. I am not sure I would enjoy experiencing this.