Monday, August 7, 2017

Gates of Hell, Clifton NJ

A large tunnel-system built as a drainage run-off for a nearby stream has been deemed the lair of the devil. There are many different stories about what exactly lives in this tunnel system. Some just hear knocking on the walls as they enter and are consumed with darkness. Others report seeing rocks being thrown about the tunnel coming from seemingly nowhere, satanic sacrifices, decaying animal carcasses, and upside down crosses. As a Clifton native, I have never been down to the gates of hell, however I've heard that it is a place for homeless people to sleep and skateboarders to ride. My mother, who is also a Clifton native, told me she used to hangout there when she was in high school and never heard or saw a thing. And so, the myth of the devil living in a town in north new jersey remains a myth.

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  1. I have also heard of this tale of the gates of hell. I live about 5 miles from Clifton. Many of my friends always tried to go there but they would get too freaked out because of all the stories about it. I agree that it is a myth since nothing has been proven.

  2. These tales are very common from where I am from, because like Brooke I live about 5 miles away. Often times, friends would wanna go because we would be bored and just driving around. I would never go because I never found interest, but I do believe it is nothing but a myth.

  3. Every town has a section that every deems to be haunted. I grew up in Cape May and we have Jake's Landing which is apparently haunted by spirits. I think that these locations are hyped up too much, which causes attention from youth, homeless people, and drug addicts, and then accidents happen.