Friday, May 1, 2015

The Haunted Hindenburg Hanger

In Lakehurst, about ten minutes from my house, the famous Lakehurst Navel base resides.  On May 6, 1937, the German passenger ship the Hindenburg crashed as it was trying to land.  35 people died during this tragedy.  This was the subject of many news coverage, and many photographs were taken at the crash site.  Many different theories were stated about how the fire started, stemming from either the ignition or the initial fuel.  Because of this event, it shattered the public's confidence of the rigid airship travel method.

According to first hand accounts, many state that the Hanger that the Hindenburg crashed in is haunted.  It was used as a morgue after the explosion, so many believe the sprits of the people that died there are still around.  Many people who work on the base hear foot steps in the rafters.  Another story is that people report to the air traffic control tower that they see dark triangles or large air crafts that are completely silent.  Those specific ones are proven to be things used in the sky on base, but there have also been things that the air traffic tower have seen in the sky that cannot be explained.

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