Thursday, June 28, 2012

Duality of the Mind

The mind is such that being aware of the idea of its existence does not unmake the reality of the mind. To those coming in half way during this particular train of thought this post is on the out of body experience topic found within the text book. To continue before my unfortunate tangent, the out of body experiences we might believe come to pass ever so often might simply be several moment spent with a sudden and complete loss of cognitive thought and yet not a loss of consciousness as we soon realize we were doing something completely different mere moments ago or so our minds allow us to believe. 
These out of body experiences could very well be a misconstrued perception of our reality in the form of a day dream of sorts. Given the propensity of the amount of time and research the validity of the claims of the truth of these OBEs there is currently no definable evidence to prove they even happened in the first place.Though to out right say OBEs are a lie is also in itself a fallacy as there also no evidence to say these never happened at all. It is the same as if these were cases of phantom limbs, where the brain makes one perceive the existence of a limb, which either now gone or simply never was. 
As there yet to break through on proving OBEs or phantom limbs and the same going for disproving them, for to say something can't be proven is not the same as saying it has been dis proven. OBEs are simply a matter that can not be properly dealt with at this time, though it would not stop certain persons from using this as a means of furthering some bogus research simply to gather grant money for even more worthless reasoning.

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