Thursday, June 28, 2012

Can Minds Leave Bodies?

William Wolfson
Chapter 3.2 Can Minds Leave Bodies?

After reading the section in this chapter about the origins of dualistic paranormal belief, I thought about the egyptians and mummification and the terra-cotta warriors. Both signify life after death, in almost the same way. The egyptians felt that mummifying the body and buying it with all of its belongings would bring the spirit back to the life it once had. The terra-cotta warriors deal with the creation of an army for the afterlife that will rise when the leader comes back from the dead. As soon as I read the part about Ms. Pope, it made me think of there two things. It is amazing to think that even before there was a record of dualistic paranormal belief many great nations had been practicing it for many years. Minds can leave bodies, as seen in the cultures of the egyptians and the chinese, but return in different forms than once thought to exist, dualistic paranormal belief makes this possible in the lives of many people of different cultures.

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